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Baseball Windscreen

Top quality knitted HDPE (190gsm) baseball windscreens. Provide 50% wind reduction and shade, allowing 50% of wind and light through. 6ft high and 40ft (12m) or 60ft (18m) wide. Available in dark green or black.

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Enhance Your Playing Environment With A Premium Baseball Windscreen

Sizes Available

  • H 6ft x W 40ft (1.8m x 12.2m)
  • H 6ft x W 60ft (1.8m x 18.2m)


  • 50% wind block allowing a 50% airflow
  • Manufactured from high quality, durable HDPE knitted monofilament (190gsm)
  • Reinforced hemmed edges
  • Comes with screen ties for easy attachment
  • Available unprinted or with Net World Sports logo printed

Installation Recommendations

  • Do not install during periods of high winds
  • Install your baseball windscreen on the opposite side of fence to the prevailing wind direction
  • At first, attach loosely with the cable ties provided, then tighten once the baseball windscreen is placed correctly
  • In very high winds it is advisable to take screens down
  • Due to the more open mesh allowing greater airflow, we advise use of windscreens in windy conditions as opposed to privacy screens.
High Quality, Knitted HDPE Windscreens for Baseball Fields

These top quality, highly durable baseball windscreens are designed to provide your team with 50% coverage from wind and sunlight, enhancing both the playing environment and aesthetics of your baseball field.

  • Each baseball windscreen is 6ft (2m) high, with two widths to choose from; 40ft x 6ft (12m x 2m), 60ft x 6ft (18m x 2m)
  • Manufactured from durable and long-lasting high-density polyethylene knitted monofilament (190gsm)
  • Provides 50% coverage from both wind and sunlight
  • Super-strength, reinforced hemmed edges for a neat finish without bowing
  • Screen ties included for quick and easy attachment through the brass eyelets

The edges of every Fortress Baseball Windscreen are reinforced without PVC banding to provide rugged durability an outfield fence screen that maintains its shape, season after season. Every edge of our outfield fence screens also features brass eyelets to make for easy attachment.

Manufactured from top-spec HDPE knitted monofilament (190gsm), our baseball windscreens are durable and long lasting, providing you with a comfortable playing environment for years to come.

Please note: Our baseball windscreens and outfield fence screens are available in custom sizes and prints on request.

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