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Netting Wire Tension Kit [For 35ft-70ft Batting Cages]

Durable hardware set for hanging baseball netting. This kit includes everything required to hang baseball nets to cages of up to 70ft long.

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All You Need For A Perfectly Suspended Baseball Net


  • 7 x 7 Galvanized Steel Wire [165ft / 230ft / 330ft]
  • Galvanized Carabiner/Carabineer Snap Hooks [x 35 / 55 / 70]
  • Galvanized Wire Rope Grips [x 12]
  • Galvanized Eye Plate [x 6]
  • Galvanized Straining Screw Hook & Eye [x 6]
  • Wire Cutter [x 1]


  • Everything you need to hang baseball netting or attach to a frame or poles
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
The Complete Package for Hanging Baseball Netting Without Sagging

Available for cages up to lengths of 35ft, 55ft or 70ft, this set of high quality equipment contains all you need to hang cage netting. The heavy-duty materials used in each component means you can use this kit both outdoors and indoors.

  • 7 x 7 Galvanized Steel Wire [165ft / 230ft / 330ft] - Extra-strength wire rope is ideal for hanging nets in any conditions.
  • Galvanized Carabiner/Carabineer Snap Hooks [x 35 / 55 / 70] - Spring-loaded snap hooks for fast and secure connection to posts and wiring.
  • Galvanized Wire Rope Grips [x 12] - Clamp grips securely hold wiring in place and allow creation of loops/eyes at the end of cables.
  • Galvanized Eye Plate [x 6] - Effective for containing wire rope and ensuring it remains at the correct level of tension.
  • Galvanized Straining Screw Hook & Eye [x 6] - Made from durable steel ideal for tightening and adjusting chain, ropes and cables.
  • Wire Cutter [x 1] - Essential for the clean and accurate cutting of steel wiring, to the correct length.

Ensure that your baseball batting cage doesn’t lose its shape with this fantastic wire tension kit. Our team of baseball fanatics have assembled endless batting cages, so they know exactly what is needed for the perfect cage and have put all the essentials together in this handy set.

Fortress have an extensive range of superb baseball training equipment and field equipment to kit out your facilities and turn them into first class baseball arenas. Equip your batting cage with protector screens, net savers and a hitting mats for a training hub that will provide infinite entertainment, season after season.

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