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Compact Cleat Scraper Brush & Wiper

The best cleat cleaner for any baseball venue. Features integrated hard bristle brushes and a built-in cleat scraper to dig away at the toughest of mud, clay and sand. This durable cleat wiper uses soft grip handles for a comfortable experience whilst cleaning even in the most vigorous of circumstances. Compact and easy to assemble, this piece of cleat cleaning equipment is perfect for amateur and professional venues. Comes with option to include replacement brushes.

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Easy Dirt, Clay and Sand Removal With The Compact Cleat Cleaner

  • Height – 3ft (0.9m)
  • Base – 30cm x 40cm (12in x 16in)
  • Brushes – 30cm x 7cm (12in x 2.8in)


  • 3.8cm (1.5in) OD steel handle and post
  • Heavy-duty 0.5cm (0.2in) thick steel floor fixing plate
  • All steel work has a durable powder coating
  • Brushes made with hard bristles for dirt removal


  • Optional set of replacement boot wiper brushes
  • Can be freestanding or floor fixed
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Perfect for any baseball venue – Amateur or Professional
Baseball Cleat Cleaner with Soft Grip Handles and Integrated Cleat Scraper

Ensure that your facility stays clean with this compact cleat cleaner. Ideal for baseball players, this ultra-durable cleat wiper features integrated hard bristle brushes and a built-in scraper that is capable of removing the toughest of dirt, sand or clay. Built to last, this cleat cleaning unit is manufactured out of robust materials that are finished with a black powder coating. Option to include a set of replacement brushes.

  • Strong steel frame finished with weatherproof black powder coat
  • Include built-in scraper unit for excess dirt and clay
  • 3ft (0.9m) high standalone boot wiper with a 30cm x 40cm (12in x 16in) base
  • Comes with soft grip handles for ultimate comfort and support whilst cleaning
  • Option to include set of replacement brushes

Engineered from strong steel, this compact cleat cleaner is exceptionally durable and does not lose performance even in the worst of conditions. The robust nature of the steel frame is further reinforced with a weatherproof black powder finish to provide additional toughness. This cleat scraper and wiper is suitable for any baseball venue thanks to its compact design and hard bristle brushes that effectively remove clay, dirt and sand.

Simple to assemble, this cleat scraper fits in any amateur or professional baseball facility. Produced with ease of use at the forefront of design, this baseball cleat wiper features soft grip handles that provide comfortable support whilst cleaning and rest at the top of the cleat cleaning unit for better posture.

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