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FORTRESS ProFlex Baseball Turtle Backstop Net [16ft x 9ft]

The ideal net for preventing off target baseballs from leaving the training grounds. Perfect for baseball & other ball based sports, the net is complete with a pop-up design, allowing for a quick & easy to set up. Upgrades available include the pitching target net or the baffle net for the ultimate training set up.

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  • Bow backstop: 16.5ft x 9ft | 5m x 2.7m
  • Bow backstop: Metal frame (W x L): 30mm x 25mm x | 1.18in x 0.98
  • Bow backstop: Metal fame thickness: 1.5mm | 0.059in
  • Bow backstop: Fiberglass poles: 19mm x 16mm
  • Baffle net (H x W x L): 100cm x 22cm x 32cm | 39.3in x 8.6in x 12.6
  • Pitching Target Size: 20in x 20in | 50cm x 50cm
  • Pitching Target Tape Width: 1.5in | 4cm
  • Pitching Target Straps Width: 0.4in | 1cm


  • Bow Backstop: 5-ply 1.75in (44.5mm) knotless polyester netting
  • Bow Backstop: 600D binding fabric
  • Baffle Net: 5-ply 1.75in (44.45mm) knotless polyester netting
  • Baffle Net: 600D binding fabric
  • Pitching Target Frame: Blue polypropylene weaving tape
  • Pitching Target Strike Zone Pockets: 5ply polyester netting (45mm mesh)


  • Supplied with 900D carry bag
  • Pop-up backstop screen
  • Pitching accuracy tool features a 9-pocket strike zone for players to aim at

The FORTRESS ProFlex Backstop net is ideal for practicing baseball technique, which can be combined with the pitching target or baffle net to improve player accuracy. It is the perfect addition for your baseball training set-up as it can be used across all elements of the game. The backstop net is useful for both pitching and batting practice, allowing players to take their skills to the next level. The quick pop-up design allows an easy set-up with minimal preparation, which can be used for indoor/outdoor playing environments for maximum use. The net is simple to set up and effectively prevents balls from leaving the training zone, promoting fast and high intensity sessions. Manufactured from durable knotless weatherproof netting, the long-lasting bow backstop can combat high velocity ball strikes. The large overhang helps to protect surroundings from any foul balls or wayward shots. The additional pitching target and baffle nets both effectively increase player accuracy in a game-like scenarios. Both accessories have an adjustable height feature, allowing players to tailor the net to their preferences. Targets can also be clipped/tied to the large backstop netting for a stable structure.

  • Ideal for re-creating gameday scenarios for baseball training to enhance skill
  • Baffle net & wicket net can be tied to the bow backstop for increased stability
  • Bow backstop is manufactured from durable, all-weather knotless netting
  • Boasting a pop-up design for a quick set-up for indoor/outdoor practice sessions
  • Backstop netting can be upgraded with the baffle net & wicket target

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