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FORTRESS Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage [Net & Connectors]

Excellent quality Trapezoid Cage Net and Connector Kit, available in 3 lengths. Connectors are made from galvanized steel for extra durability, with heavy duty #42 weight netting. Internally hanging one piece net.

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Create Your Own Arena With The Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage Kit


  • 35ft Cage – 6x four-way fittings, 4x three-way fittings, one-piece net.
  • 55ft Cage – 10x four-way fittings, 4x three-way fittings, one-piece net.
  • 70ft Cage – 12x four-way fittings, 4x three-way fittings, one-piece net.


  • Black #42 weight netting grade with 1 3/4in mesh
  • Netting is UV stabilized and rot-proof as standard for a long life
  • Edge of net trimmed with 1/4in braided rope for extra strength
  • Galvanized steel connectors for a strong, sturdy cage


  • Can be used on grass or hard surfaces
  • The only set-up space you need is the size of the cage
  • Connectors designed to be used with 1 1/4in poles
Construct Your Dream Baseball Batting Cage with This Connector Kit & Net

This fantastic quality galvanized steel connector kit and hanging net let you build your own trapezoid style batting cage - all you need to add is the poles. So why not take the challenge and build your batting cage how you want it?

  • Package include four-way corner connectors and three-way end connectors
  • Trapezoid cages are designed to be used on both grass and hard surfaces, indoors or outdoors
  • Connectors are galvanized steel to provide strong and sturdy support for the netting
  • Netting is heavy duty #42 grade and is 100% weatherproof thanks to its UV treatment
  • Create a cage truly bespoke to your space – simply add poles to join the connectors

The specialized internal hanging net prevents injury caused by rebounding baseballs unlike nets that hang over the frame. This means you can step up to the plate and swing for the fences without fear of balls bouncing back into your path and focus on facing the next ball.

Use your uniquely created baseball batting cage on any surface! The innovative design means that you don’t need to secure the Trapezoid cage to the ground with pegs, so you can train on tarmac, concrete or indoors.

The best way to practice baseball is in a batting cage you built with your own hands, and this superb kit allows complete freedom. Why not get creative and design your own baseball batting cage? Equip with a baseball hitting mat, baseball screens and a Paceman pitching machine for the complete package. With Fortress baseball equipment you can develop into a complete five-tool player and fast-track your path to the MLB.

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