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Heavy Duty Boot Scraper & Wiper [Single/Double/Triple]

The perfect way to keep cleats and your facility clean. This 3.2ft cleat wiping system digs away at stubborn dirt, clay and mud to keep cleats and your venue clean. This durable cleat cleaner uses 1.5mm thick steel for a frame which has been coated with a weatherproof black powder paint to protect against the elements. This is an essential piece of cleat cleaning equipment for any baseball team or venue. Comes with option to include set of replacement brushes.

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Baseball Cleat Cleaner With Built-In Scraper


  • Height: 3.2ft | 1m
  • Single boot wiper: 2ft | 0.6m | 60cm
  • Double boot wiper: 4ft | 1.2m | 120cm
  • Triple boot wiper: 4.9ft | 1.5m | 150cm


  • Frame: 50mm OD steel finished with a black powder coating
  • Brushes: Stiff bristles


  • Optional replacement brush sets available in the drop-down menu above
  • Built in boot scraper
  • Suitable for sports ground, golf clubhouse, home, farm, agricultural, industrial, warehouse, school, college use and will clean any type of footwear
  • Use of the arm supports is optional, they can be removed for freestanding use or added for additional stability and support
  • Perfect for any baseball team or venue

Keep Your Baseball Cleats Clean With This Heavy-Duty Cleat Scraper

Ensure your changing rooms and venue stay clean with this cleat cleaning unit. Ideal for baseball players, this heavy-duty cleat cleaner features stiff bristle brushes and a built-in cleat scraper. designed to withstand the worst of conditions, this ultra-durable cleat wiper uses the strongest materials to ensure top performance all year round. Option to include a set of replacement brushes.

  • 3.2ft (1m) tall robust cleat brush station
  • Boot wiper’s frame is made from 1.5mm thick weatherproof steel
  • Cleat cleaning brushes are manufactured with stiff bristles to remove all dirt
  • Integrated heavy-duty cleat scraper removes excess mud
  • Available as a boot wiping system for a single person, two people of three people
  • Option to add a set of replacement cleat wiper brushes to each of the size options

Engineered from 1.5mm thick steel, this outdoor cleat cleaner is designed to survive the worst of weather conditions. Both the floor plate and the frame of the cleat scraper are finished with a weatherproof black powder coat that protect the cleat cleaning unit from the elements. This cleat cleaner is ideal for any baseball venue as the stiff bristle brushes efficiently remove dirt, clay and mud.

Easy to assemble, this cleat scraper and wiper suits any amateur or professional baseball venue. Measuring at 3.2ft, this heavy-duty cleat wiper reduces the risk of injury by providing a support bar to aid players in cleaning their cleats. This piece of essential baseball equipment will maintain cleanliness for shoes and your facility with ease.

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